"Serving You Since 1988"
China Dragon Restaurant

Serving You Since 1988


We sThe China Dragon Restaurant Building Fronttarted our Chinese restaurant business in Tucson Arizona in 1988. We serve autheRed Dragon Logontic Chinese food. Our menu has over 100 items from which you may choose. Our restaurant has an atmosphere of restaurants located in China. On the left is our restaurant building front. On the right is our restaurant Red Dragon logo. The Chinese characters below the dragon reads "China Dragon Restaurant."

Our restThis is a 3D picture of a bridge in Chinaaurant decorations depict various Chinese motifs. On the left is a 3The Front door of our RestaurantD mural of a bridge in China. On the right is the front door of our restaurant.

We are usually present at our restaurant on most days during the week. We would like to meet you and your family. Please ask for us; we are Billy and Ellie Choy! We have excellent servers and chefs supporting us at our restaurant. Please come by and see for yourself and you will enjoy authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine! Bring your whole family and enjoy our LUNCHEON BUFFET! We also have a LUNCH SPECIAL for $7.50 and you have eleven choices from which you may choose.

Ask us about our dinner gift certificates to surprise your family and friends with complimentary dinners on you!

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